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The qualified and experienced technical experts at our headquarters in Heiligenhaus, Germany deliver products and services of the highest standard. Yet we are close to you wherever you are, thanks to our European network of representatives and OEMs.

ISOTEST® Holiday Detector
Quality means us having nothing to report

The non-destructive high-voltage testing of coatings enables the detection of even smallest flaws. Due to the adjustable high-voltage ELMED ISOTEST units are indispensable assistants in passive corrosion protection.

ISOTEST act – In-plant holiday detectors
Sense for Quality

Accurate online quality monitoring of multicomponent – systems, thin film coatings, liner systems, plastic foils and sheeting.

HELIO-STROB Stroboscopes
Slowly you can reach your goal faster

ELMED is the manufacturer of high performance stroboscopes for nearly all industrial applications in R&D, production and quality assurance. Typical fields of  HELIO-STROB stroboscope applications:

  • snap-shots of sequences which are not perceivable by the human eye due to their high speed
  • vibration analysis
  • revolution measurement of rotating objects without applying reflection pads

ELMED Metal Detector Systems
Uncovers metal when it’s under cover -

thus protecting both man and machine. Besides the typical fields of application, as in the wood, plastics and food industry ELMED stationary facilities are used in all fields where metal impurities must be separated.   

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Latest News

Presentation of the ISOTEST® holiday detectors at NAPEC 2019 from 10 to 13 March in Oran / Algeria

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