Brief review of the 32nd Oldenburger Rohrleitungsforum 2018

As in previous years, the two-day information forum took place once again with around 3000 guests, 100 speakers and 400 exhibitors at the Jade-Hochschule (Jade University of Applied Science) in Oldenburg. These are impressive figures for the industry meeting of the pipeline construction industry, which was held for the 32nd time this year. With this year's motto "Pipelines - innovative construction and rehabilitation techniques", experts and specialists gathered in Oldenburg for this special industry highlight.  

With regard to demographic change, changing weather conditions and increasing digital changes in work processes, this year's motto could almost be called overdue. At the end of the day - the "pipe" is the secret protagonist of the infrastructure underground. Like all other structures, pipelines are subject to technical wear and tear as well as aging. Looking at the immense cost development for renovating and repairing damaged drains and sewers, you can see the enormous amount of capital underground and the high level of effort required to maintain the sewage network.

In order to prevent the pipes from damage beforehand, they are provided with a protective coating to shield them from corrosion. This is where ISOTEST® holiday detectors come into action; by means of high voltage, the protective coating is tested to insure that it is free from defects. Under this year's slogan "ISOTEST® - impulses for corrosion protection", ELMED provided detailed information on the latest ISOTEST® holiday detectors and the extensive range of accessories for testing pipeline coatings.

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