ISOTEST® In-plant Holiday Detectors

Reliable holiday detection with impulse voltage (NDT)

The focus is on the testing of all electrically non-conductive or slightly conductive coatings and components for cracks or pores.

ISOTEST act offers solutions for a reliable and economic holiday detection of

  • coatings
  • films / foils
  • plastic components

The new generation of the ISOTEST act opens up many further applications.

Apart from the well-known testing of factory coatings the holiday detection system is more and more often applied in the broad field of foil / film testing.
Another option is the testing of very thin coatings such as coatings on bus bars required in the automotive sector (e-mobility) or for energy distribution systems.

Typical applications

  • Factory coatings of pipes incl. internal coatings i.e. 3-layer PE/PP and FBE coatings
  • Enamel coatings
  • Bus bars for electric vehicles and energy distribution systems
  • Landfill linings and geomembranes
  • Packaging films for the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Barrier films and mining foils
  • Battery trays

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Benefits at a glance

  • Non-destructive porosity testing with maximum testing safety in compliance with international testing standards
  • „Phantom Grounding“ – no direct contact to the test object necessary
  • Testing of damp or slightly conductive surfaces
  • Pre-mounted expandable plug & play systems
  • No static charging thanks to impulse voltage
  • Quality – Made in Germany. More than 70 years of experience and product development
  • Free tests with your product samples
  • Competent expert advice

Product and accessories catalogue

Product and accessories catalogue

Especially developed for the testing of factory coatings of all conventional coating materials (PE/PP/FBE) using one single device.
All provided voltages are in compliance with international testing standards.

Porosity Testing of FBE and 3LPE/PP Pipe Coatings

ISOTEST act in Action

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