In-Plant Holiday Detector ISOTEST act 8.0 / 35

Benefits at a glance

  • Testing of dirty, damp and even slightly conductive surfaces
  • No static charging
  • Up to 6 test channels - synchronisation of several devices (master / slave mode)
  • „Phantom Grounding“ – no direct grounding necessary
  • External switch-on/switch-off of the test voltage
  • Adjustable sensitivity and filter functions



Non or slightly conductive materials and coatings such as 3 layer PE / PP can reliably be tested for pores or other damage.

All ISOTEST® holiday detectors have undergone extensive tests in the field of safety and EMC and carry the CE label. They fulfil the requirements of all relevant standards and specifications (DIN EN / ISO / DVGW etc.).


Technical Data

ISOTEST act 8.0 / 35 (PDF)



A large variety of test electrodes of different materials, shapes and sizes allow the safe and reliable porosity testing of coatings and foils without material stress. Individual adjustment of the test electrode to the specific application ensure porosity testing according to rules and standards.

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