Industry solutions

Factory Coatings


For decades leading pipe manufacturers world-wide have trusted in ELMED holiday detectors. Even the smallest pores can online be detected during the production process of factory coatings.

Film and Foil Production


Porosity testing of films and foils - reliable and non-destructive! Even transparent films can safely be tested. Further to that the testing technique using high voltage prevents an electrostatic charging of the film.



Epoxy coated busbars of traction batteries in electric-vehicles can safely be tested for damages. Renowned car manufacturer rely on the ISOTEST act!

Flexible Pipe Systems


Plastic coatings of flexible pipe systems for local and district heating networks as well as for fuel and gas stations are reliably tested. In combination with specific testing stations even continuously produced pipes can be tested.

Pipe Liners


Pipe liners up to NPS 48 inch can safely be tested. Thanks to the special test technique using high voltage, a fully automated testing of continuously produced pipe liners is possible!

Energy Distribution


With the ISOTEST act coatings for electrical insulation (e.g. epoxy) of busbars in energy distribution systems or for mobile current consumers are reliably tested for cracks or pores during their production.

Corrugated Hoses


In the automotive industry, in the mechanical and industrial engineering sector as well as in the medical technology industry corrugated hoses can safely be tested for leakings and damages.

Battery Trays


Battery trays, e.g. of traction batteries can safely and reliably be tested for cracks or pores with the ISOTEST act.

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