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Inspection of Vessels & Tanks – ISOTEST® Industry Solution

The outer coating as well as the inner lining of storage vessels & tanks can reliably and quickly be tested with ISOTEST® holiday detectors.


For the long-time anti-corrosion protection of vessels and storage tanks, there is a choice of various coating materials such as epoxy resin and bitumen. By using the ISOTEST® holiday detector, flaws due to corrosion can be detected and removed at an early stage. Appropriate accessories and a careful selection for the individual application simplify the operation and ensure the proper execution of the holiday inspection even under difficult conditions.

ISOTEST® Vessel & Tank Test Kit

Art.-No. 0113510010


Scope of supply:


  • ISOTEST® inspect 35 test instrument complete with high voltage inspection handle including safety button
  • lead acid 6 V rechargeable battery – easy to change in its own compartment
  • charger 230 V / 50 Hz
  • grounding cable 10 m with clamping jaw and instrument plug for ground monitoring
  • wire rake electrode, trim length 200 mm, stainless steel
  • comfortable instrument bag with carrying strap and belt
  • robust aluminium transport box
  • operation manual
  • spare battery for safety button / fuses for rechargeable battery
  • works test report


  • grounding cable 15 m with two clamping jaws


  • grounding stick including 5 m cable and clamping jaw


  • flat brush electrode with angle adjustment, length 300 mm, brass


  • extension bar 500 mm with electrode chuck