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Inspection of Waterproofing of Buildings & Roof Inspection – ISOTEST® Industry Solution

Waterproofing of buildings by means of foils and coatings can reliably be tested with the ISOTEST®.


The presence of a conductive substrate in combination with an insulating coating or lining is essential for a functional porosity inspection with high voltage. Sufficient residual moisture as well as the use of a conductive "primer" represent the grounding of the coating material and thus create the prerequisite for a reliable holiday detection. Thanks to suitable test electrodes and extension bars roof inspection as well as the porosity testing of other large surfaces such as bridges and swimming pools can quickly and reliably be accomplished.

ISOTEST® Waterproofing / Roof Inspection Test Kit

Art.-No. 0113510030


Scope of supply:


  • ISOTEST® inspect 35 test instrument complete with high voltage inspection handle including safety button
  • lead acid 6 V rechargeable battery – easy to change in its own compartment
  • charger 230 V / 50 Hz
  • grounding cable 10 m with clamping jaw and instrument plug for ground monitoring
  • wire rake electrode, trim length 200 mm, stainless steel
  • comfortable instrument bag with carrying strap and belt
  • robust aluminium transport box
  • operation manual
  • spare battery for safety button / fuses for rechargeable battery
  • works test report


  • grounding cable 15 m with two clamping jaws


  • flat brush electrode with angle adjustment, length 400 mm, brass


  • extension bar 500 mm with electrode chuck


  • extension bar 500 mm without electrode chuck