In-plant Holiday Detector ISOTEST act DC

Benefits at a glance

  • Non-destructive holiday detection -  maximum test reliability & minimum material stress
  • Adjustable sensitivity and filter functions
  • Data backup via USB interface
  • Up to 4 separate test channels
  • Test speed up to 1000 mm/s
  • External switch-on / switch-off of the test voltage by intelligent light barrier control



Sensitive coatings with a thickness of up to 2 mm such as Epoxy, Rilsan, etc. or even foils can safely be tested with the ISOTEST act DC (direct-current voltage). Pores, cracks even weak spots are reliably detected.

All ISOTEST® holiday detectors have undergone extensive tests in the field of safety and EMC. They all carry the CE label and fulfil the requirements of all relevant standards and specifications (DIN EN / ISO / DVGW etc.).



A large variety of test electrodes of different materials, shapes and sizes allow the safe and reliable porosity testing of coatings and foils without material stress. Individual adjustment of the test electrode to the specific application ensure porosity testing according to rules and standards.

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Latest News

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