Benefits at a glance

  • Testing of in-plant and stationary holiday detector systems ISOTEST act according to general rules and standards
  • Suitable for continuous operation (three shifts)
  • Interfaces for the external documentation of test voltages and operating states
  • Highest interference resistance in the measurement analysis thanks to state-of-the-art optical fibre technology



The stationary ISOTEST HV conti allows the precise measuring of impulse test voltages of ISOTEST act and ISOTEST-Automat testing devices. Thanks to the separate measuring method – directly on the testing electrode under load – the inspection process is “online” monitored and complies with all general rules and standards.

The ISOTEST HV conti is equipped with various interfaces. This allows the connection to external protocol devices and therefore the integration in your process documentation. In this case, the transmission of measurement signals from the device to the evaluation unit is carried out by means of optical data transmission and ensures a maximum of interference resistance and of measurement reliability.

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