The original ISOTEST® Service

You need safe and reliable equipment and expect professional service? Or are you happy with just a coloured label on your device? “As long as it sparks and crackles“!

The original ISOTEST® Service is based on technical expertise, on our experience of more than sixty years and on measuring instruments that are specially designed for high-voltage testing.

There are many reasons for the professional check-up of your ISOTEST® – done by the manufacturer! What exactly does the Original ISOTEST® Service offer you?

You can also find the following features – in brief – in your work certificate. And what is it all about?

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Regular annual maintenance

A clearly visible test seal makes it easier to keep the recommended inspection dates.


Instrument trouble shooting

Database including technical information for quick trouble shooting


Inspection and repair

Carried out by qualified staff


Service training and seminars

Hands-on training by our local distributors or by ELMED staff at our premises


Instrument calibration and certification

ISOTEST® instruments have a traceable calibration and are delivered with a works certificate


Sample inspection services

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