ELMED – Holiday Detection, Stroboscopes & Metal Detection

When evaluating quality, nothing can replace the human senses. In many cases, however, our ability to perceive comes up against natural human limits. Mobile and stationary measuring instruments from ELMED open up new possibilities in quality control and give your perception a new meaning – the SENSE OF QUALITY.

Our range covers well-proven standard units, integrated equipment arrays, and complete systems – all with advanced ELMED technology. In the fields of holiday detection, stroboscopy or metal detection we can tailor the best solution to meet your specific requirements.

Product categories

ISOTEST® – Portable Holiday Detectors

The non-destructive holiday detection of coatings with high voltage allows the detection of even smallest pinholes. Equipped with cutting-edge high voltage technology the ELMED ISOTEST® holiday detector is an indispensable assistant in passive corrosion protection.


  • reliable and efficient porosity testing thanks to cutting-edge technology and appropriate accessories for any application
  • testing of humid, dirty and even slightly conductive surfaces
  • reliable holiday detection of completely coated objects by means of phantom grounding (capacitive grounding)
  • the patented automatic regulation guarantees stable test voltages in any test situation
  • power reserve for demanding test situations
  • self-calibrating high voltage generation– automatic calibration within a few seconds every time the device is switched on
  • pipe diameters from DN 50 up to DN1600 can be tested in a single pass
  • up to 10 years warranty*

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ISOTEST® act – In-plant Holiday Detectors

Choosing an ELMED ISOTEST® act high voltage testing system you opt for the market leader in the field of mobile and stationary porosity testing technology. Thanks to patented know-how and flexible modular design ISOTEST® act testing systems have become essential components for a modern quality assurance of coating facilities.


  • non-destructive porosity testing with maximum testing safety in compliance with international testing standards
  • capacitive grounding ("Phantom-Grounding") – no direct contact to the test object necessary
  • testing of damp or slightly conductive surfaces
  • pre-mounted expandable plug & play systems
  • no static charging thanks to impulse voltage
  • automatic documentation of test procedures
  • free tests with your product samples
  • competent expert advice
  • Quality – Made in Germany – more than 70 years of experience and product development

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HELIO-STROB Stroboscopes

Whether it’s for maintenance, production, research & development or within the framework of quality assurance: Stroboscopes cover a wide field of applications.


ELMED offers the appropriate and well-proven solution for all stroboscope applications:


  • compact hand-held stroboscopes (LED & xenon stroboscopes) for battery and mains operation
  • stroboscopes with portable lamp
  • stroboscope systems for stationary use

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ARGUS – Metal Detector Systems

Your goals – high quality of production and machinery protection set the requirement: Free of Metal! Choosing an ELMED ARGUS metal detector, you go for a well-proven high quality product for day-to-day use and reliable protection against tramp metal.


  • user-friendly operation and automatic system adaptation to operation requirements
  • maximum sensitivity for all metals
  • suppression of the side-effects related to products and peripheral disturbances by digital filters
  • easy integration into existing conveyor systems
  • each unit is 100 % factory tested and customised in advance, optionally pre-wired and ready for use
  • optimum price-performance ratio
  • short delivery time – standard dimensions in stock
  • Quality – Made in Germany

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