High Voltage Pulse Crest Meter ISOTEST® HV
for Holiday Detectors

  • accurate measurement of high voltages
  • testing of portable ISOTEST® holiday detectors and stationary ISOTEST® act holiday detector systems according to general rules and standards
  • easy to operate

Art.-No. 0190000140

The compact and robust high voltage pulse crest meter ISOTEST® HV allows a precise measuring of the pulse test voltages of ISOTEST® holiday detectors.

The result can be read easily on the large display with an accuracy of 0.1 kV. The battery-powered device comes with a PTB-traceable calibration that is recognised by all accredited certification bodies.

Displayed values

  • pulse test voltage
  • pulse repetition frequency
  • battery level indicator

Measuring range
1.0 - 35.0 kV pulse voltage

Resolution of the value
0.1 kV

illuminated graphic LCD

Power supply
4 mignon standard batteries (AA / LR6)

Power consumption
approx. 50 mA

200 x 200 x 120 (mm)

Weight (without accessories)
1.7 kg

Operating temperature
0 °C … +40 °C

Storage temperature
-20 °C … +50 °C

Revisions in the course of technical progress reserved.
* Condition of the pulses: Predominantly unipolar pulses, post-pulse oscillation up to 5 ms is permissible.

  • ISOTEST® HV measuring instrument
  • measuring accessories (measuring adapter, grounding cable set)
  • transport box
  • battery set (4 x AA / LR6 mignon standard batteries)
  • works test report

Testing Electrodes & Accessories

Benefit from our extensive accessories for holiday detectors.


  • testing electrodes
  • accessories for grounding
  • general accessories

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ISOTEST® Service for Holiday Detectors

You have opted for a high-quality ISOTEST® holiday detector because you attach great importance to safety and reliability – this also includes first-class service:


  • annual maintenance & calibration
  • troubleshooting / problem solving
  • inspection and repair by qualified personnel
  • seminars and training
  • laboratory tests with product samples

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