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Industry Solutions / Test Kits – ISOTEST® Holiday Detection

With the ISOTEST® industry solutions we offer you tailor-made packages fitted for the most diverse applications in the field of portable holiday detection.
The following industry solutions represent proven test standards in the respective segment and thus simplify the selection of the appropriate device and accessories for your application.

Pipeline Coatings

For decades, leading pipeline operators all over the world have been relying on the ISOTEST® holiday detection equipment. Even the smallest defects can be detected.

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Rubber Linings

Rubber linings find a variety of applications within the framework of heavy duty corrosion protection. Even slightly conductive materials can be tested for defects with the ISOTEST® holiday detector.

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Glass Linings / Enamel Coatings

A typical application for ISOTEST® holiday detectors are the inspection of glass-lined reactors and enamelled components according to DIN EN 14430.

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Vessels & Tanks

The outer coating as well as the inner lining of storage vessels & tanks can be reliably and quickly tested with ISOTEST® holiday detectors.

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Waterproofing of Buildings

Waterproofing of buildings by means of foils and coatings can be reliably tested with the ISOTEST®.

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Coated Valves & Fittings

Coated valves & fittings of different shapes can be reliably tested with ISOTEST® holiday detectors.

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