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Testing Electrodes & Accessories for ISOTEST® Holiday Detectors

A large number of accessories are available for a wide range of applications. Testing electrodes for the most diverse object shapes and coatings are complemented by components utilising different grounding possibilities, including capacitive grounding to test fully coated components.


The full-trimmed brush electrodes and the spring electrodes of stainless steel stand out for their special sturdiness and durability. All electrodes can be easily swapped for other ISOTEST® versions. Our expert service personnel are always available to advise you on the choice of the right accessory for your application – especially for less common uses of the equipment. Whether testing internally, with completely coated components or on oversized tubing, the ISOTEST® accessories programme has the right tool.

Benefit from our extensive accessories for holiday detectors:

Testing electrodes

  • flat brush electrodes
  • wire rake & paint brush electrodes
  • pipeline coils / spring electrodes
  • semicircular electrodes
  • brush electrodes for internally coated pipes


Accessories for grounding

  • grounding collars
  • grounding sticks
  • trailing ground
  • grounding cable assemblies
  • brush electrodes for grounding


General accessories

  • extension bars
  • batteries & chargers
  • transport boxes