Holiday Detector ISOTEST® inspect

... safe and sure

  • voltage 0.5 - 8.0 kV, 0.5 kV steps (inspect 8.0)
    or 5 - 35 kV, 0.1 kV steps (inspect 35)
  • convenient operation via menu control and LC display
  • broad functionality – related to application
  • sensitivity adjustment via menu
  • patented automatic regulation
  • power reserves for the highest requirements
  • self-calibrating instrument
  • testing of dirty, damp and therefore slightly conductive surfaces
  • three grounding possibilities, including capacitive grounding (Phantom-Grounding)
  • no static charge of the text object
  • rapid battery change
  • low material stress thanks to short test pulses
  • safe grounding by automatic monitoring of the earth plug
  • emergency-off safety mode – menu driven

ISOTEST® inspect 8.0 (0.5 - 8.0 kV, 0.5 kV steps)
Art.-No. 0118100011

ISOTEST® inspect 35 (5 - 35 kV, 0.1 kV steps)
Art.-No. 0113510001

ISOTEST® inspect 8.0
Test voltage 0.5 - 8.0 kV, adjustable in steps of 0.5 kV
The holiday detectors version ISOTEST® inspect 8.0 have been specially developed for testing sensitive coatings like FBE, enamel, epoxy, Halar etc. An intelligent signal analysis makes it possible to test completely coated parts. The menu-driven sensitivity of the instrument guarantees exact test results.

ISOTEST® inspect 35
Test voltage 5 - 35 kV, adjustable in steps of 0.1 kV
Performance for every application. Energy reserves for the most demanding test situations, thanks to impulse voltage technology. The ISOTEST® inspect 35 can cope with large diameter, humid, dirty and even only slightly conductive surfaces.


  • sensitivity adjustment via menu
  • acoustic and visual indication of porosity
  • pore counter
  • overload warning
  • battery level indicator
  • multilingual menu
  • hours run meter
  • emergency-off safety mode – menu driven

Test voltage
0.5 - 8.0 kV, adjustable in steps of 0.5 kV (inspect 8.0)
5 - 35 kV, adjustable in steps of 0.1 kV (inspect 35)

Voltage form
unipolar high voltage pulses

Pulse duration
10 μs

Pulse repetition frequency
25 Hz

Operation and display via
keypad and LCD (inspect)

Acoustic signals
up to 86 dB

Power Supply
lead acid rechargeable battery 6 V / 4.5 Ah,
battery life up to 9 hours

Dimensions (incl. instrument bag)
280 x 270 x 120 (mm)

Weight (incl. handle and instrument bag)
4.5 kg

Weight of rechargeable battery
0.9 kg

Length of high voltage cable to handle
1.5 m

Type of protection

Operating temperature
0 °C … +50 °C

Storage temperature
-20 °C … +50 °C


Revisions in the course of technical progress reserved.

  • ISOTEST® inspect test instrument complete with high voltage inspection handle including safety button
  • lead acid 6 V rechargeable battery – easy to change in its own compartment
  • charger 230 V / 50 Hz
  • grounding cable 10 m with clamping jaw and instrument plug for ground monitoring
  • grounding cable 15 m with clamping jaws at both ends (inspect 8.0)
  • testing electrode up to 500 mm
  • comfortable instrument bag with carrying strap and belt
  • robust aluminium transport box
  • operation manual
  • spare battery for safety button / fuses for rechargeable battery
  • works test report

ISOTEST® Industry Solutions / Test Kits

With the ISOTEST® industry solutions we offer you tailor-made packages fitted for the most diverse applications in the field of portable holiday detection.

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Testing Electrodes & Accessories

Benefit from our extensive accessories for holiday detectors.


  • testing electrodes
  • accessories for grounding
  • general accessories

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High Voltage Pulse Crest Meter ISOTEST® HV

  • accurate measurement of high voltages
  • testing of portable ISOTEST® holiday detectors and stationary ISOTEST® act holiday detector systems according to general rules and standards
  • easy to operate

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ISOTEST® Service for Holiday Detectors

You have opted for a high-quality ISOTEST® holiday detector because you attach great importance to safety and reliability – this also includes first-class service:


  • annual maintenance & calibration
  • troubleshooting / problem solving
  • inspection and repair by qualified personnel
  • seminars and training
  • laboratory tests with product samples

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