ISOTEST® Service for Holiday Detectors

You have opted for a high-quality ISOTEST® holiday detector because you attach great importance to safety and reliability – this also includes first-class service:


  • quality guarantee up to 10 years with annual maintenance and calibration*
  • failure analysis and repair by qualified professionals
  • seminars and training
  • laboratory tests with product samples


We recommend ELMED’s original ISOTEST® service so that you can always rely on your ISOTEST® and the test results in the future. The new manufacturer’s quality guarantee provides you with confidence and security.


With an annual maintenance and calibration, your warranty claim will be extended each time for further 12 months - for up to 10 years!


*Safety Advice
For your safety, we would like to point out that no "manufacturer-independent" provider of repair and testing services on the market is authorized or supported by ELMED Dr. Ing. Mense GmbH for maintenance or calibration works. These companies have no access to relevant technical documents or original ISOTEST® spare parts. (Examples: Klaaßens GmbH, HPS Rohrtechnik, K-S Kirsch Schweißtechnik, MTV GmbH etc.)
Do not ask for a calibration label, ask for professional service and safety.


Annual Maintenance & Calibration

The annual Original ISOTEST® Service is based on technical expertise, decades of experience and measuring instruments that are specially designed for the measurement of pulsed high voltage.


The annual maintenance includes among others:


  • the control of the output voltage using PTB* traceable measuring equipment
  • the verification & function control of the electronics and operating elements
  • the verification & function control of the high-voltage generation
  • the verification of the battery
  • the general visual inspection of the device and the accessories supplied
  • the documented final inspection in the endurance test under load


The successfully completed maintenance is documented by a factory test report and the renewed test seal.

* PTB = Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt – the national metrology institute of Germany


Calibration Certificate
The additional calibration certificate documents the control in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Further information on the annual maintenance:

The ISOTEST® Quality Guarantee


The ISOTEST® quality guarantee is an extension of ELMED's new equipment warranty.


It is valid until the first recommended maintenance date and automatically extended until the next maintenance date at ELMED. The ISOTEST® quality guarantee is also available for older devices. We will be happy to advise you on how to proceed.


You can obtain the ISOTEST® quality guarantee for devices up to an age of 10 years. Excluded from the ISOTEST® quality guarantee are wearing parts or damage caused by the user.


Further information on the subject ISOTEST® Service


  • What does the annual calibration service cost – what does a repair cost?
    Our service department will inform you about the expected costs of calibration, service and repair works in advance with a binding cost estimate. You decide individually on releasing the repair. In the event of a warranty claim, all repairs are without saying free of charge.
  • You cannot do without your ISOTEST® device
    No problem – please contact us before the service date to arrange the delivery of a rental device. For the entire duration of the repair or service at ELMED, you only pay a reasonable lump sum.
  • Which devices can be sent in?
    You can send us any original ISOTEST® device for annual maintenance or repair. Please use our return form.