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In-plant Holiday Detectors ISOTEST® act – Reliable Stationary Porosity Detection with Impulse Voltage (NDT)

Choosing an ELMED ISOTEST® act high voltage testing system you opt for the market leader in the field of mobile and stationary porosity testing technology. Thanks to patented know-how and flexible modular design ISOTEST® act testing systems have become essential components for a modern quality assurance of coating facilities. Latest electronics, consideration of the required safety measures and generous power reserves qualify the ISOTEST® act stationary holiday detection systems for reliable testing of all conventional coatings and pipe diameters.


The focus is on the testing of all electrically non-conductive or slightly conductive coatings and components for cracks or pores. Even the smallest defects in the production of coatings can be detected and displayed.


The special test method using pulse high voltage offers decisive advantages for simple integration into existing processes and transport systems:
Even fully coated objects can be tested for pores safely and cost-effectively using the unique pulse test voltage.
The capacitive grounding of the test object is done via special grounding brush sets or sliding tables. This allows ISOTEST® act holiday detection systems to be integrated into almost any system without modifications.
The use of pulse voltage also prevents static charging of the test object. Thus, an essential safety factor for the operating personnel is ensured.


In addition to the stationary systems, you will find a comprehensive range of portable holiday detectors in the corresponding product area.

Advantages of ISOTEST® act In-plant Holiday Detector Systems

  • non-destructive porosity testing with maximum testing safety in compliance with international testing standards
  • capacitive grounding ("Phantom-Grounding") – no direct contact to the test object necessary
  • testing of damp or slightly conductive surfaces
  • pre-mounted expandable plug & play systems
  • no static charging thanks to impulse voltage
  • automatic documentation of test procedures
  • free tests with your product samples
  • competent expert advice
  • Quality – Made in Germany – more than 70 years of experience and product development

Possible Applications of In-plant Holiday Detectors ISOTEST® act

  • pipe manufacturers – testing of factory coatings incl. internal coatings e.g. 3LPE, FBE and PE / PP coatings
  • pipe liners (NF / GFK)
  • film and foil production – testing of landfill films, geomembrane, barrier / mining films and packaging films for the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries – transparent material can also be tested reliably
  • enamels
  • busbars for electric vehicles and power distribution systems
  • flexible pipe systems and corrugated hoses
  • battery troughs


In-plant Holiday Detection of wet FBE and 3LPE/PP Pipe Coatings

Stationary Holiday Detection of fully Coated Pipes

ISOTEST® act Product Range & Solutions

In-plant Holiday Detector ISOTEST® act 8.0 / 35

  • test voltage 0.5 - 8.0 kV, 0.5 kV steps (ISOTEST® act 8.0)
    or 7.5 - 35 kV, 2.5 kV steps (ISOTEST® act 35)
  • high-voltage pulse technology
  • no static charging
  • testing of dirty, damp and even slightly conductive surfaces
  • up to 6 test channels – synchronisation of several devices (master / slave mode)
  • “Phantom-Grounding” – no direct grounding necessary
  • external switch-on / switch-off of the test voltage
  • adjustable sensitivity and filter functions

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In-plant Holiday Detector System ISOTEST® act P2

  • porosity testing of FBE and PE / PP coatings with a single device
  • test voltages 2.5 kV / 3.0 kV / 3.5 kV / 4.0 kV / 10.0 kV / 15.0 kV / 20.0 kV / 25.0 kV
  • high-voltage pulse technology
  • no static charging
  • testing according to DIN 30670
  • testing of dirty, damp and even slightly conductive pipe coatings
  • up to 6 test channels - synchronisation of several devices (master / slave mode)
  • “Phantom-Grounding“ – no direct grounding necessary
  • external switch-on / switch-off of the test voltage
  • adjustable sensitivity and filter functions

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Industrie Solutions – In-plant Holiday Detection ISOTEST® act

Learn more about the different application possibilities in the field of stationary holiday detection with the ISOTEST® act.

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In-plant High Voltage Pulse Crest Meter ISOTEST® HV conti

Permanent and external revision of high voltage testing with ISOTEST® act in-plant holiday detector systems.


  • testing of in-plant and stationary holiday detector systems ISOTEST® act according to general rules and standards
  • suitable for continuous operation (three shifts)
  • interfaces for the external documentation of test voltages and operating states
  • highest interference resistance in the measurement analysis thanks to state-of-the-art optical fibre technology

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Testing Electrodes & Accessories for ISOTEST® act

Benefit from our accessories for in-plant holiday detectors:


  • accessories for testing & grounding
  • testing electrodes
  • spray mark system & accessories

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Service, Information & Support

Service & Maintenance for ISOTEST® act

Before the acquisition, during the order processing and also afterwards!


  • pre-Sales-Service
  • after-Sales-Service

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Documents & Downloads for ISOTEST® act

  • product list – In-plant Holiday Detectors & Accessories
  • data sheets

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