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In-plant Holiday Detector ISOTEST® act 8.0 / 35

... always the right pulse

  • test voltage 0.5 - 8.0 kV, 0.5 kV steps (ISOTEST® act 8.0)
    or 7.5 - 35 kV, 2.5 kV steps (ISOTEST® act 35)
  • high-voltage pulse technology
  • no static charging
  • testing of dirty, damp and even slightly conductive surfaces
  • up to 6 test channels – synchronisation of several devices (master / slave mode)
  • “Phantom-Grounding” – no direct grounding necessary
  • external switch-on / switch-off of the test voltage
  • adjustable sensitivity and filter functions

ISOTEST® act 8.0 (0,5 - 8,0 kV, incrément 0,5 kV)
N° d’art. 0118100014

ISOTEST® act 35 (7,5 - 35 kV, incrément 2,5 kV)
N° d’art. 0111000004

Non or slightly conductive materials and coatings such as 3 layer PE / PP can reliably be tested for holidays or other damage. The same goes for foils and rubber coatings to which this non-destructive testing with a minimum of material stress applies as well.

You can count on ...

  • a compact “all-in-one” device (control unit and high voltage generator in a single compact housing)
  • continuous operation (three shifts)
  • porosity / leak testing of all non or slightly conductive materials
  • external switch-on / switch-off of the test voltage
  • increased operator safety – thanks to the combination of impulse voltage and smart power control
  • stable test voltage, even under demanding conditions, guaranteed by load-dependent regulation of energy
  • high testing speeds made possible by optimised pulse repetition frequency
  • detection and display of even the smallest holidays and voids by the integral evaluation process – with minimal material stress
  • electrostatic charges – a latent risk for DC devices – are excluded by the use of impulse technology when properly grounded
  • testing of fully coated test objects – even without direct grounding – enabled by the option of “Phantom-Grounding”

All ISOTEST® holiday detectors have undergone extensive tests in the field of safety and EMC. They all carry the CE label and fulfil the requirements of all relevant standards and specifications (DIN EN / ISO / DVGW etc.)

Test voltage
0.5 - 8.0 kV in steps of 0.5 kV (ISOTEST® act 8.0)
7.5 - 35.0 kV in steps of 2.5 kV (ISOTEST® act 35)
alternative test voltage ranges upon request

Test channels
up to 6 test channels (master / slave mode)

Voltage supply
100 – 240 VAC / 47 – 63 Hz (wide-range input)
or 90 – 375 VDC

Power supply (load-dependent)
< 100 W

external activation of the test voltage via switch contact or 24 VDC

floating change-over for detection alarm
floating change-over for operational monitoring

Operating time
continuous operation (three shifts)

Testing speed
up to 1200 mm/s

Stabilisation of the test voltage
load-dependent regulation (continuous)

Load adaptation
selectable filter settings for optimum adaptation to individual test conditions

Indication of porosity
display indication
potential-free contact for external signalling units

Further display options
detection counter
multilingual menu
operating time counter (per operation & total)
indication of the next scheduled service date

Permissible ambient temperature
0° C ... +50° C (thermal constant > 10 K/h)

Air humidity
max. 60 % relative air humidity at 30° C

Housing dimensions (W x D x H)
380 x 210 x 300 mm

12 kg


Revisions in the course of technical progress reserved.

  • in-plant holiday detector ISOTEST® act 8.0 / 35
  • high-voltage cable
  • operation manual
  • works test report

In-plant High Voltage Pulse Crest Meter ISOTEST® HV conti

Permanent and external revision of high voltage testing with ISOTEST® act in-plant holiday detector systems.


  • testing of in-plant and stationary holiday detector systems ISOTEST® act according to general rules and standards
  • suitable for continuous operation (three shifts)
  • interfaces for the external documentation of test voltages and operating states
  • highest interference resistance in the measurement analysis thanks to state-of-the-art optical fibre technology

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Testing Electrodes & Accessories for ISOTEST® act

Benefit from our accessories for in-plant holiday detectors:


  • accessories for testing & grounding
  • testing electrodes
  • spray mark system & accessories

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Industrie Solutions – In-plant Holiday Detection ISOTEST® act

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Service & Maintenance for ISOTEST® act

Before the acquisition, during the order processing and also afterwards!


  • pre-Sales-Service
  • after-Sales-Service

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